Lucas Daly

Consulting Director

Lucas began his career in social research — working on large-scale projects that informed local and national policy decisions. In 8 years working for a leading patient experience charity, he became passionate about the centrality of the patient’s voice in designing and improving health systems; working with charities and NHS organisations to improve service quality.  Finishing as the Head of Patient Feedback, he chose to move into pharmaceutical research, where he has incorporated the patient perspective into brand strategy for a range of clients. 

Lucas believes insights come not just from what respondents say, but what they don’t say; the language they use and how they prioritise their thoughts. Good research sets the scene for respondents to be comfortable and honest, then analyses the data using models from evidence-based human sciences and a deep understanding of the clients’ challenges.

  • Background: 10+ years experience in patient research
  • Joined: October 2021
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Lucas Daly