Georgia Mulliner


With a background in Economics and a first-class masters in Global Politics Georgia has always been interested in how institutions and events have shaped the world. When combined with the analytical mindset acquired through her studies, she found a natural affinity to research.

With a previous experience in market research, involving the management and analysis of both UK and global research projects across a range of business contexts, Georgia decided to take on a new challenge in pharma research. In particular, she enjoys using her existing skillset to improve the patient experience across a multitude of disease areas, as well as aiding the improved understanding of current medical procedures.

Georgia believes that grit and resilience are fundamental for success, and when these values are combined with a positive and collaborative culture the best results are achieved. Therefore, she is committed to bringing an optimistic and coactive attitude to her work.

  • Background: 1+ years market research
  • Joined: October 2022
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Georgia Mulliner