Dimuthu Jayawardana


Dimuthu’s degree in Pharmacology from Kings College London taught him innumerable and important things. Not least that he was not suited to a career in a lab. Instead, he used his love of reading scientific literature, his methodical approach to thinking, and desire to communicate in a way that would make people want to listen, to translate complex business and scientific problems into clear strategies and communications.

He then spent over 12 years in healthcare communications agencies. Starting as a medical writer, with each passing year, he improved his ability to ask pertinent questions and to distill and simplify complex scientific thoughts into clear and simple communications. His desire to create work that solved problems or was the ‘right’ response led him to a role as a planner in a highly reputable global healthcare advertising agency. Dimuthu believes in really listening and asking questions. If you truly understand the problem, you’re 90% there to finding the right answer.

  • Background: 12+ years experience healthcare agencies
  • Joined: April 2021.
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Dimuthu Jayawardana