Courtney Atkins


Courtney has a background in psychology, gaining her undergraduate degree in 2020, and her master’s in health psychology a year later. Courtney believes the skills she acquired during her master’s will help with her role at PHG, where she carried out interviews and analysed quantitative and qualitative data. Courtney has also further developed these skills in subsequent positions as a research assistant at multiple universities. Here, she developed project and time management skills which will be useful in her new role, as well as gaining confidence around interviewing and qualitative analysis.

Courtney is a highly organized individual, which she believes is an integral quality in completing work to the highest standard. She enjoys working collaboratively with a range of people to generate the best ideas in the workplace.

  • Background: BSc Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University
  • Joined: July 2023
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Courtney Atkins