Carlotta Bellon

Research Ops Coordinator

Carlotta has a background in science, completing her master’s in public health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Boston University. Throughout this, she was involved in various projects focused on Project Management and Global Health which improved her team working, organization, and detail-oriented skills.

Carlotta’s main work experience is in health education and prevention project management and development in USA and International settings. Carlotta has significant global public health exposure obtained by working in developing countries like Ghana and Nepal. Carlotta also has experience as a project leader for non-profit fundraising and health consulting as part of a team. In her most recent role, she was a primary researcher at Prescient, during which she was able to work in different disease areas.

Carlotta believes teamwork and team spirit is a must – it prioritizes healthy communication and shared responsibilities and accomplishments. In addition, a never-say-no attitude is what she always strives for in and outside the work environment.

  • Background: BS Health Science, Master of Public Health at Boston University
  • Joined: August 2022
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Carlotta Bellon