Our Expertise

We are research and brand strategy consultants who specialise in healthcare internationally. We work with client teams to help them unlock the full potential of their brands.

Actionable Customer Research

Our innovative approach to research is all about going beyond the obvious and delivering impactful, strategic insight that enables the customer voice to be louder, clearer and more central to brand and business decision-making.

Whether you need to develop a deeper understanding of your market, get under the skin of customer decision making, identify and assess an opportunity or develop and test your brand story and messages, our team of smart strategic thinkers work with you to develop high value research outcomes and deliverables designed to live beyond the debrief.

Utilising a suite of tools and techniques developed based on the science of human decision-making and behaviour change, our approaches are tailored to your unique brand and business challenges.

Brand Strategy

Whether you are developing a brand for launch, building your annual brand plan or reviewing your current strategy in light of new external threat or market change, our customer centric brand building approach is focused on helping you to identify what you need to do to positively impact your brand and business performance.

We pride ourselves on being genuine strategic partners who bring a fresh perspective, challenge and stretch thinking combined with the skills and credibility to align and engage large, cross-functional global teams.

Many of our brand strategy projects with clients develop into long term partnerships that run over several years and multiple projects, however we are just at home supporting quickfire or one-off brand diagnostics and stress tests designed to turbo boost your brand strategy and performance.

Brand Strategy

Above Brand Strategy

Above Brand Strategy

In today’s ultra challenging and competitive healthcare world, developing strategies and plans that sit at a franchise, portfolio or disease area level are increasingly valuable approaches to help pharma/healthcare companies focus their resources and activities more effectively. In addition to our core research and brand strategy projects we have built a strong track record in working with clients on therapy/disease area, franchise level and LCM projects.

Often longer term and requiring broader and more multi-dimensional perspectives than the purely brand centric projects we work on, we place a strong emphasis on helping clients future proof these above brand type of strategies. Building alternative future focused, holistic healthcare environment scenarios helps enable clients to identify what could or should be done to proactively shape and influence the environment to better develop the conditions for future success.

Invariably many of these above brand strategies impact and involve stakeholders from across multiple parts of the organisation, often involved in activities across all stages of the lifecycle. Therefore facilitating and inspiring effective cross-functional senior engagement and alignment is also central to the way we tackle these types of challenges.

Competitor Response Strategy

Our engaging workshop led approach to helping you defend your brand(s) against the ever evolving competitive threats goes beyond the traditional CI, data-led wargaming approach. It is specifically designed to put your customer and potential customer at the heart of the process.

Purposefully designed to help you understand the impact of competitors and their activity on customer beliefs and behaviours.

This ensures you have a crystal clear, strategic action plan focused on the real threats to your brand sales and long term brand value.

Competitor Response Strategy

In-Market Brand Performance Assessment

Positively provocative

Understanding the key levers impacting your brand’s current performance is often the critical first step towards growing your brand. Working with clients to build their brands, we recognised that traditional DFUs and ATUs are rarely to right tool for this job in today’s multi-channel world. As a result we created BrandFIT™ : our novel approach to tracking brand performance.

Using a convenient, easy-to-access, interactive smartphone/tablet platform designed to maximise HCPs engagement levels and willingness to participate, BrandFIT™ delivers a truly holistic performance assessment of your brand – designed and delivered by experts who know what you need to know to help grow your brand.