Strategic North – A research and brand strategy consultancy specialising in healthcare internationally. Working with client teams to help unlock the full potential of their brands.

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We are research and brand strategy consultants who specialise in healthcare internationally.

We work with client teams to help them unlock the full potential of their brands.

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Our uniqueness comes not just from what we do but also the way that we do it.


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A New Approach for Pharma Competitor Strategy

 Innovative pharma brand teams are finding there’s a new and better way to respond to competitive situations. The traditional approach relies on CI and data to inform competitive strategy and brand planning, but our view is that this is...

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Does Your Brand Tracking Help You Optimise Performance in a Digital World?

Strategic North: A Brand Health Special In the quest for world class performance, how does a pharma brand team diagnose the health of its brand and optimise performance? ATUs and DFUs are the traditional market research approaches for br...

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How to Plan and Run a High Performing Pharma Workshop

  Top Tips for Pharma & Healthcare Brand Teams In our work, rarely a week goes by when we are not planning or running a client workshop, usually with cross-functional participants, ranging from small groups of 10-12 up to 100 or...

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Patient Research

An Integrated Patient Journey

To truly improve patient engagement and support, we must start by understanding their journey. Major pharma companies tend to adopt vision and mission statements which put the patient at the centre, for example: GSK: We want to help peop...

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Putting the brand at the heart of strategic planning

Putting the brand at the heart of strategic planning

You need to know what your brand stands for if you’re to make good on its promise As brand building specialists, our work at Strategic North centres on strategic brand insight and planning, and – given that focus – we believe...

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