Triona combines a successful track record as a life sciences strategy consultant with a notable academic background. A love of biology led Triona to complete a Ph.D in developmental craniofacial biology (ask her about the link between her work and the Roman god Janus!). As a Senior Consultant with Strategic North, Triona brings a passion and aptitude for commercial strategy to the client projects she leads, with opportunity assessment, customer mapping, pricing and market access strategy and biosimilar strategy amongst her many areas of expertise.
When the pressure's on, Triona's cheerfulness notches up a level and we all warm to her friendly glow. Her innate, innovative approach to identifying solutions means that, regardless of the challenge, she is always open to taking a few steps back to consider another path. She honed this skill teaching children and young adults with severe learning disabilities and thinks that the unsuccessful attempts, as well as the rewarding successes, taught her to continually reassess her approach, remaining flexible yet focused. 
Since she hung up her rowing oars, when not at work Triona can be found enjoying the great outdoors and, occasionally, even braving a swim in a cold British lake.  She is a bookworm and political junkie who firmly believes that life is better with good conversation, good people and good wine. 

Triona has an innate, innovative approach to identifying solutions, regardless of the challenge.

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