Simon is Strategic North's Finance & Operations Coordinator ensuring that the Strategic North engine is running smoothly.  He works closely with Finance and supports our ever growing team on diverse projects from tech upgrades to travel, exuding ever-upbeat enthusiasm and ability in equal measure. 

Simon brings diverse experience to his role.  Following his economics degree, he spent time in the US and then Cambodia, where he broadened his skills teaching English and working for an International Development organisation.

Simon uniquely combines a smart approach with a buoyant communication style, bringing a social spark to our office, even on a grey day (yep, we're in Manchester). Though it's as the architect of Friday Breakfast Club, when he gathers the team to celebrate the Friday feeling over a bacon butty, that Simon deservedly holds a special place in our hearts (and stomachs)!

But more than ever, it's hard to rob the smile from Simon's face these days - 2016 is a year of big celebration as he's getting married in April!

Simon ensures the Strategic North engine runs smoothly with a smart approach and ever-upbeat enthusiasm.

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