Sarah is our Research Operations Manager who provides all round support for the Strategic North team.  She is a master at wearing many hats at once, with a positive "let's do this" attitude.

Before joining Strategic North, Sarah gained a breadth of experience in diverse roles within healthcare, pharma, research agencies and the automotive sector where she focused on championing internal/external customer interaction with her warm, people-focused approach.

Our Mrs M also keeps the team wheels well oiled by ensuring the Strategic North 'treat jar' is fully stocked with our favourite goodies at all times.  To take time out, Sarah loves a good story and is an avid follower of radio fiction.  And when she's relaxing with her family (and pets) at home, a nice glass of fizz is her favourite little treat.  Cheers to that!

If someone needs to know the where, when, what? ... then it's "Ask Mrs M"

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