Rémy is a creative and strategic thinker. He is fascinated by human behaviour and getting to the heart of how we make decisions. As a Senior Consultant at Strategic North, he has an ability to engage with complex situations and problems, yet retains a pinpoint focus on achieving strategic clarity for our clients. 
Rémy has lived, studied and worked in Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK. He has more than 20 years' experience working on leading brands, including senior positions in healthcare brand teams, meaning he understands first-hand the challenges facing big pharma today and tomorrow. Rémy's track record demonstrates how he combines enthusiasm for deconstructing complex problems, bravery of thinking and flair for creative solutions. Ask him how he once used circus skills to train pharma assistants!
And how does he feed this creativity? Well Rémy's desire to stretch the creative as well as the cerebral lobes always provides a good talking point: he's hosted his own photography exhibition and designed jewellery, but we think we like him most because he knows how to tend vines. "Les Français ont du vin, les Anglais ont de l'humour!" says Rémy (if the French have wine, the British have humour) … cheers to that!

Rémy is a creative and strategic thinker. His motto: "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity" (Sun Tzu)

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