Katy is a Senior Consultant in our Research & Planning team. With more than 15 years' experience in the global healthcare industry, both agency and client side (Astrazeneca), Katy truly knows what it takes to meet our clients' needs. And when it comes to delivering on a brief to guide global marketing strategy and support key business decisions, she understands first-hand what 'great' looks like. 
Katy combines her natural flair to uncover what drives human behaviour with her commercial analytical expertise, resulting in outputs that are both relevant and meaningful. And the breadth and range of research methodologies she's able to draw on, means she can flex her approach to tease out those critical questions across multiple sources, whether facilitating explorative group sessions or immersed in complex data.
When out of work, Katy loves family time and will likely be running after her two young children. Though if there's a new place in town to try - restaurant, bar or retail - Katy won't need an excuse to get her foot through the door and check it out. A true pro, all in the name of research, hey Katy?

Katy helps global brand teams build compelling strategies based on meaningful insight that's grounded in a deep understanding of human decision making.

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