Helena is our new Senior Consultant

With over 15 years global pharmaceutical market research experience, Helena is a Senior Consultant at Strategic North. She has worked agency-side on a wide range of therapy areas and, with a particular interest in ophthalmology, has led the research for a major anti-VEGF brand over a 5-year period. This long-term, brand team partnership means she truly understands the demands and challenges client side. And, with first-hand experience of managing multiple stakeholders and complex global projects, she knows what success looks like. 

Growing up, Helena had a geeky side, with a love of puzzles and jigsaws, and a childhood dream to be a detective. This has given Helena the perfect inquisitive mind to explore the options and possible solutions in response to our clients' commercial challenges. Her talent for asking the key what-when-who-where-why? questions, means that no stone is left unturned and all angles of a problem are considered.

Once Helena's passion was seeing the world; her desire to view things from multiple and varied angles has led her to trek, paddle, hot air balloon, cave and snorkel in breath-taking locations. Now, the loves of her life and any free time are centred around her young son's busy social calendar and running with her dog, Mr Wiggles – all whilst dreaming of exotic holidays again!

Helena has the perfect inquisitive mind to ensure all angles of a problem are considered and no stone is left unturned.

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