Emma is our Consulting Team Coordinator and we can't imagine life without her. She supports the consultancy team and is super duper organised, always seeking to stay one step ahead. It's a feat for anyone, but Emma's calm, friendly approach sees her coordinate the needs of our busy team which, often at a moment's notice, will involve booking multi-country trips, sourcing venues and coordinating fieldwork.   
Her ability to ensure all the little details are buttoned down provides a backbone of support for our consulting team, meaning they are organised and focused on client engagements. Meanwhile, she's constantly developing her capabilities, drawing on her qualifications in marketing whilst growing her understanding of profiling and the many therapy areas we work on. 
As Friday approaches, Emma's sure to be counting down to fizz time with friends (yippee!). She'll getaway to sun or ski at every opportunity and, when at home, loves spending time with family, friends or getting a retail fix - with her gorgeous bag collection to show for it, seems she's a skillful shopper too! 

Emma supports the consultancy team, always seeking to stay one step ahead ... but she has to move quickly.

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