Our Clients

We believe we are only as good as our last project and we have developed strong, trusting relationships with people in pharmaceutical and healthcare companies all over the globe who value our knowledge of health trends and systems, our understanding of customer behaviours and our strategic, scientific and commercial acumen. 

We have worked closely with senior teams on brand building projects at a local, regional and global level including:

How our work has helped our clients:


We know what we do works, because our clients tell us:

"Partner is an overused word but the Strategic North team really deliver this.  They are highly skilled at getting you to take a good honest look at your challenge or issue and they will stick with you in creating and delivering a solution. On a less rational note I know when I work with Strategic North they will never let me down!!"

Brand Insight Director, Neuroscience
Top 10 Global Pharma Company

"The results and presentation were thorough and innovative, prompting a seasoned colleague to comment that this was the best research findings presentation he had seen in his 10 years in marketing [at this pharma company]. I have since recommended this agency to other colleagues."

Customer Intelligence Manager
Top 5 Global Pharma Company

I have worked with Strategic North in various roles and companies over the last six years. Each and every time, I am consistently impressed with their work ethic, attention to detail and ability to get to the core of what I'm looking for - even if I don't really know. Their outputs are so meaningful that I have utilised their work multiple times - in multiple situations - and long after the original project. They are truly forward-looking and innovative in an industry that often relies on the old ways of doing things. A friendly and close knit team, Strategic North are not only professional to work with, but also fun. You couldn't ask for a better partner.

Global Lead, Business Strategy and Medical Affairs
Leading Global Biopharma Company

"Strategic North distilled a large quantity of complex information, across a diverse range of liquid and solid tumour types, into concise, digestible opportunity snapshots. This provided a strong platform for opportunity prioritisation, which allowed us to identify with confidence the most attractive opportunities to include in our oncology franchise LCM strategy plan. I was particularly impressed with how they managed to run the process with our product teams located in different time zones; planning and expertly facilitating several multi-location, cross-functional workshops." 

Oncology Product Strategy Lead
Leading Global Biotech Company

"When you hire Strategic North you should be ready for the challenge. The team will bring strong expertise through insight collection and will make sure you focus on what is critical to build a solid brand. Partnering with Strategic North has been a great ride, with some good laughs and fun on the way!"

Executive Director, Commercial Operations and Development
US Fortune 500 Global Biopharma Company

"Our recent work with Strategic North was expertly facilitated, extremely productive (the output helped inform our recent business investment plan and identified new opportunity areas) and importantly was fun and energising. The ability of this group of folks to accomplish this in the way they do is admirable and fully get my vote of approval for future work."

VP Strategy, Respiratory & Inflammation
Top 10 Global Pharma Company

"Our leadership team mentioned that the process was great and that this was setting a new standard/precedent for how we will do things in the future! We were really flattered - thanks again for your great contributions!"

R&D Director
Top 5 Global Pharma Company

"I have worked with Strategic North for more than seven years now — even as I have moved from one pharmaceutical company to the next. Their ability to be flexible and apply their skills to the complex— and very different — projects for which I have asked their help never ceases to amaze. From discovering the underlying best practice principles in customer interaction across industries, to strategic life cycle management in a specific therapy area – Strategic North never let me down."

Global Medical Affairs Director
Leading Global Biotech Company

"I've worked with Strategic North extensively on diverse projects and would consider them at the top of my list of 'go-to agencies'. They were instrumental in developing Global brand strategy and positioning, where their mastery of qualitative research allied with their consultative approach worked really well. They've also conducted market understanding projects for me on a new disease area and have put together and facilitated numerous workshops on a range of topics. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Director, Global Strategy
Top 10 Global Pharma company

"Key differentiator for Strategic North is they turn business priorities into actionable programmes through:

  • Direct understanding of highly regulated pharma environment whilst at the same time bringing industry analogues to the business issue
  • Providing structure to complicated problems
  • Helping teams clearly define what they are trying to achieve at a strategic and operational level and develop and deliver the route to get there."
Global Marketing Director, Oncology
Top 10 Global Pharma Company

"Working with Strategic North was very efficient and effective -  they understand oncology therapeutics and can jump right into a project, so a lot of time is not wasted bringing a team up to speed. Strategic North helped us hone in on key disease states that could provide the greatest opportunity for the franchise and expand into new indication for our commercialized products."

Oncology Product Strategy Lead
Leading Global Biotech Company

"I take the opportunity whenever I can, to let others in the industry know about great agencies and Strategic North are one of those. They think innovatively about a project, to give you market research studies which go that bit further; they really do have an edge in terms of how they think about a problem. Aside from that, every interaction I've ever had with them I've come away from it energised and excited about my studies."

Brand Intelligence Manager, Cardiovascular
Top 10 Global Pharma Company