About Us

Why we are here and what we do

Strategic North helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies build strong, tangible brands, with a clear purpose in the world of healthcare.

Our purpose in life is to work together with our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients, to explore and make sense of the complex world of healthcare, identify needs and translate these into opportunities that can make a difference to the world and to your business.

We believe a critical element of realising these opportunities, is building meaningful brands that people can identify with and believe in the promise of. We work with you to create compelling, joined up, insight inspired strategies that will support you in building the successful healthcare brands of tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on having the skills, experience and clearly defined approaches to support you at all stages of the brand building journey, helping you to make a real impact for your business.

Our values are what make us the business we are.

We use them as the guiding light that drives everything we do, and they should give you a sense of what it is like to have us as part of your team.