Strategic North specialises in building great healthcare brands.  We work with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to unlock new opportunities for success … that's success for your brand and in improving the health of the people for whom your product is designed.  

Are you launching a new brand?  Do you have a new competitor?  Or does your brand need a reboot?  We have the expertise to explore your market and truly understand how your customers are making decisions.  By understanding the drivers of your customer's behaviour, we can unlock the potential of your product with a brand that builds belief and supports new behaviours with your customers.  

How we approach healthcare brand building


We identify the Opportunity Spaces for your brand.  By employing techniques to explore the patient journey and drivers of market change, we identify customers' 'jobs to be done' and the triggers that underpin those jobs.

We work with you to prioritise the potential opportunities for your brand: and answer the key question "Where will you play?" 

The next step is to answer the question "How will you win?". We develop a Brand Meaning that is truly relevant for your customers and which builds belief in your brand.  To establish your brand's optimum positioning, we do not believe in 'testing' options, instead our interactive and iterative approach includes customer and client co-creation. 

We work with you to build the Brand Experience you need to deliver to your customers to make your brand a reality. Brand Experience is rooted in the reality of what is important to customers and how they see the world.  We incorporate your customer's functional, emotional and social drivers, and align your brand experience (what you do and say to support your brand) with the drivers of their behaviour.


Whether you're looking to the next 30 days or 5 years ...

with our best in class approach, our smart thinking and experience, we will shape the decisions and define the actions you need to unlock your brand's opportunity to improve people's health.

"Our brand building approach has been developed to provoke new thinking about healthcare brands."

Wondering what this could mean for your brand? Then take a look at what our clients say about our work.